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Intelligent warehouse

In April 12th, the national development and Reform Commission published on the website, as of April 11th, 10 former domestic oil prices in the international market of crude oil anchored price below $40 a barrel on average. According to the "measures" management of oil price, the gasoline and diesel prices temporarily adjusted, means that the price adjustment ushered in the "sixth stop". Has the agency estimates that, after several price adjustment aground, domestic oil prices have been sitting on the floor about 70 yuan / ton price dividend, and therefore profits have soared in refinery. Since January 13th, the national development and Reform Commission issued a notice, decided to improve the refined oil pricing mechanism, the domestic refined oil price regulation set the threshold, so far has been 3 months, domestic gasoline and diesel retail price of six times the cumulative not adjusted. Policy intensive introduction, intelligent logistics development speed: reduce circulation costs, accelerate the establishment of efficient, fast, modern, intelligent logistics system has become the focus of the central areas to promote. "Logistics industry development long-term planning" proposed to the basic establishment of modern logistics service system in 2020, focusing on the first is to reduce logistics costs, two is to promote the scale of logistics enterprises, the three is to improve the logistics infrastructure. The policy of pushing the industry has become an important driving factor.

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